About Astra Residential

Astra Residential strives to help residents and owners with obtaining the properties of their choice and to help the owners effectively manage and maximize their growth potential, in return maximizing our own.

Our team has the knowledge to build, maintain and grow this company. Where one has strengths in one area the other has their strength in another, complimenting each other. We have a business relationship with Fannie Mae which gives us an edge on the traditional property management company to facilitate the need for foreclosed/distressed property to build up and get back in the market. Business relationships with diversified management include: conventional properties, HUD (section 8), Tax Credit, Foreclosure and distressed properties. This gives us an advantage in this property management market. We also have some key personnel that will be instrumental in our company on the owner and vendor sides. These other key players will uphold all the standards of excellence that we have put forth for ourselves.

Christine Stephens

Christine started her multifamily career in 1982 as a leasing consultant and marketing director for Lane Company in Atlanta, Georgia. She held that position for six months before advancing to Community Manager within another six months. In the next three decades of Property Management, she shared her vision of empowerment as a trainer of software, marketing and management. In 1998, Christine started a turnkey company, Brite Rite Services. She started this company while maintaining her property management position. Brite Rite Services grew into a profitable company with a net cash flow after the first two years of over $250,000. When the Real Estate recession hit Atlanta, Georgia, Christine decided to relinquish the company and make property management her full-time focus. Christine has taken many distressed properties and foreclosures and enabled owners to be profitable to sell. Christine managed properties that were sold for a profit exceeding 1 million dollars. At the beginning of taking over these properties, they were distressed with low occupancy and low income prior to their growth. Christine has created successful strategies for a successful return for her owners. Her experience includes; team management, motivation outside of the box, rehabilitation of foreclosure/distressed properties and operating a successful company. Christine's strengths are motivation, empowerment, drive and the desire to enhance on the vision of how property management operates and in return be more successful than the national average. Christine is a member of NAPW and has her CAM certification, as well as being a certified manager in LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit).

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Richard Hughes

Richard began his management career with a turnkey company as an operations officer and assisted in the company's profit growth. He then continued as a customer service and sales specialist in the retail and e-commerce environment. Increasing revenue and profit margins, Richard quickly acquired management positions. He has also earned experience in business account management distribution. He has assisted in raising his current retail/e-commerce business from a 65 million a year revenue company to 75 million this year. While managing the Computer/IT department, Richard increased profit by 15% from the year before and revenue by 20%. In running the Home Theater Magnolia premium audio/video department he has increased sales and margins by over 20%. While in this kind of business, Richard had the opportunity to be a part of many investment portfolio meetings with numerous investors. This will give him an advantage when dealing with owner's and investors. Richard's strengths are leadership, management and team building. With the experience he has gained, Richard has the knowledge to build and maintain a profitable business.

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